Royal Navy exercise

If you think your gym is small, spare a thought for the crew of HMS Turbulent which the Royal Navy use. The space for exercising onboard this nuclear submarine measures a meagre 4.9m³ – 1.81m (length) x 1.44m (width) x 1.88m (height) – roughly the same as your average transit van.

But just because the space is limited doesn’t mean your workout has to be. By using an EZ bar – a solid, ergonomically designed piece of kit – you can still shift a lot of weight in a small space. Kneeling instead of standing means you can perform overhead moves such as the military press without putting a hole in the roof – not advisable at 300m under the sea.

Find a programme to match your goals

Whether you’re training to be in the navy, to run a marathon or just shed a few pounds, Fabrice “le physique” can offer you a fitness programme to meet your specific goals within an exclusive gym.

The following workout was designed by Turbulent’s crew to keep them fit enough to pass the notorious Royal Navy Fitness Test.